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In June 1967, Mariska and her brothers Zoltan and Mickey Jr. were involved in a car accident that killed her mother. She has a zig-zag scar down the side of her head from the accident.

Majored in Theatre at UCLA but dropped out before graduating.

Speaks four different languages: English, Hungarian, French, Spanish and Italian.

Was voted Alumna of the year at her high school, Marymount High, in 1982.

Won the Miss Beverly Hills Pageant in 1982.

Is of German/English & Hungarian descent.

Learned to swim at the age of two and later was on her varsity high school team.

Founder and president of the Joyful Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization to aid victims of rape.

Was the first woman from the Law & Order franchise to receive nominations and wins.

Is Godmother of Co-star Christopher Meloni’s daughter Sophia.