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September 1, 2009
hosted by

September 14, 2009 officially opened.

January 12, 2010
Decided to get a new domain name; is born.

March 18, 2010 reached 10,000. Thanks to everyone who visited the site and who keeps coming back!!

November 2010-January 2011 hosts it’s first official birthday project for Mariska. I have collected a total of 170 birthday messages from 18 countries. The birthday book was delivered to a production assistant on January 20, 2011, who then gave it to Mariska. You can read about the details here.

February 6, 2011
The Joyful Heart Foundation tweeted about the birthday book. You can read the tweets here and here.

November 2011-January 2012 hosts its second annual birthday project. This year we decided to do a cookbook with recipes from all over the world. I also had fans tweet me reasons why they loved Mariska. I have received a total of 74 recipes from 22 countries and 79 I love Mariska tweets. You can read about the project here. I delivered the book to Mariska on January 19, 2012.

August 2012-January 2013
On August 9, 2012 I launched the biggest birthday project ever. I wanted to do something not only for Mariska but something that would benefit the Joyful Heart Foundation. I put together a video to further raise awareness about sexual assault. Fans were asked to display facts in creative ways without speaking. 34 people had sent me there video and I uploaded to YouTube and you can view it here. The second part of the project was a wall hanging. Fans were asked to write down one word on a piece of white paper to describe Mariska. I collected a total of 47 words. Pictures can be viewed here. The last and best part of the project was the donations. From November-January we raised money for the Joyful Heart Foundation. If you donated you had the option of sending me a postcard via mail which I would then deliver to Mariska. Our total raised was $1325 and 25 postcards. I set a goal of $500 and we more than doubled that!

September 2013-January 2014
On September 14, 2009 (the 4 year anniversary of this site) another birthday project was born. Like last year I wanted to do something to benefit the Joyful Heart Foundation and their involvement with the NO MORE campaign. I decided to create our own PSA. Fans were asked to display a sign in creative ways stating why they say NO MORE to sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. 41 people participated and you can view the video here. The second part of the project (which was my absolute favorite!) was to create a photo mosaic with the Joyful Heart Foundation logo using my twitter followers. At the time of creating the mosaic 2,662 twitter icons were used. The final part of the project was a scrapbook. Specifically a Thank You Mariska scrapbook. Fans were asked to write letters thanking her for whatever she did in their life. A total of 120 thank you letters have been received. Pictures can be found here.

October 21, 2013 has hit a huge milestone. We have reached 1 million visitors. This site has become my baby and I’m so proud of the growth it has been through over the last 4 years. I would not still be here updating day after day if it wasn’t for the amazing visitors who keep returning to the site. A big thank you for making this website what it is today, the #1 source for all things Mariska Hargitay!

Stay tuned for more important dates as some big things are in store for!