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Birthday Projects

Birthday Book 2011
In November 2010 I started asking fans to submit birthday messages, fan art, and pictures to be put in a hand-made scrapbook that I was going to give Mariska on location in NYC. It turned into a bigger project then I ever imagined. The response I had gotten blew me away. It was heart warming to know that everyone was just as excited about this as I was. My email quickly became filled with submissions everyday for the project. I worked day and night on the book, printing out your messages and art, putting them in the book, and adding a little extra pieces to make it look nice. I’m happy with the final outcome and I’m so glad that you are too! You guys were so supportive of this project and I can’t thank you enough! I love you guys, seriously. Thank you for making this a successful project and a special birthday for Mariska. I couldn’t have done it without you and we couldn’t have done it without Mariska! So thank you for being you. I hope you had the most amazing, special day. You deserve it!

My friend Katie (also a fan/visitor of the site) and I went to the filming location on January 20, 2011. They were filming in Brooklyn so we took a subway there. Unfortunately, Mariska wasn’t there. She was filming in the studio in North Bergen, NJ with Debra Messing (They were filming tandems that week). We did see Chris though and talked to him for a bit so that was cool. He told us to give the book to the Production Assistant and she would make sure to get it to Mariska. Everyone on set was so nice. I was pretty confident I left it in good hands. There were also two other girls there from Australia so we were talking to them and hanging out with them for awhile.

She did receive the book and it’s sitting on her coffee table in her dressing room 🙂

The JHF twitter made a tweet about it too here’s what they said:

@JHF @SVUgirl good morning! we were at the set recently and saw a huge birthday album for the boss. do you know how many people helped w/ that?

@JHF @SVUgirl blessed and overwhelmed. it’s sitting on her coffee table in her dressing room. please share her appreciation w/ anyone involved 🙂

Click here and here to the links to their status.

Click here to see the birthday book in its entirety.

Cookbook 2012
From November 2011-January 2012 I asked fans to submit recipes to complete the Mariska Hargitay World Cookbook. I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses and support I Have received during. Fans were allowed to submit recipes, cooking tips and birthday messages to be included in the cookbook. You guys truly outdid yourselves this time! I received a total of 74 recipes from 22 countries in 6 continents. Amazing! In addition to the recipes I also decided it would be a fun idea to include tweets for Mariska. I asked fans on twitter to tweet me reasons why they love Mariska. (I love Mariska because…). I collected 79 I Love Mariska tweets which I included on the bottom of each page. I was lucky enough to be able to give Mariska the book in person this year and you can read about my trip here. I have also posted pictures of the book which you can view here. You can view a list of the recipes here. I would like to thank everyone who participated in these projects. It’s because of you that both projects were a success. I really couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love, support and encouragement you have given me over the years. I am truly blessed to be running a site on this amazing woman!

Birthday Project 2013
The third annual Birthday Project began in August 2012 and ran until Mariska’s birthday, on January 23rd. This project was split into three parts and consisted of a video, wall hanging and donations for the Joyful Heart Foundation. My main goal for this project was to spread awareness for sexual assault and help the Joyful Heart Foundation at the same time. I had asked fans to choose a sexual assault fact. They were then asked to display there fact as written messages or in another creative way, without speaking. I put all of the videos together and made a campaign video to further spread awareness. You can view the video here. The second part of the project I asked fans to choose a word that they think describes Mariska, write that word down on a piece of paper and send it to me. I put everyone’s words together in photoshop and made a wall hanging out of it. The last and final part of the project was the Joyful Heart donations. I asked fans to donate on their website and send me the confirmation. If you donated you had the option of sending me a postcard for Mariska. I gathered everything in a birthday package and delivered it to her on location on February 6, 2013. The total amount of money that was raised for the Joyful Heart Foundation was $1325. It exceeded my expectations by a long shot! You can see a list of donations here. You can view pictures of the birthday project here. And lastly you can read the details of my set visit here.

34 video submissions.
47 words for the wall hanging.
25 postcards.
$1325 raised for the Joyful Heart Foundation.

2014 Birthday Project
Keeping with the theme from last year, I wanted to make another video to further spread awareness to sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. I asked fans to make a video of them holding a sign in some creative way stating why they said No More. You can watch the video here. The second part of the project was a photo mosaic of the Joyful Heart Foundation’s logo using my twitter followers. At the end of the project I had collected 2,662 twitter icons. And the mosaic came out more beautiful than I ever imagined. The last and final part of this year’s birthday project was a “Thank You Mariska” book. I had asked fans to write letters to Mariska thanking her for what she has done for them. I received a total of 120 thank you letters and they were put together in a scrapbook and given to Mariska on her birthday. I wasn’t actually able to deliver it to Mariska personally but her assistant put the gifts in her trailer for her. You can read about it here. I did get word however that Mariska received the gifts and loved them. She said, “The mosaic and thank you book was amazing and the most special thing that they ever got.” I may or may not be still giddy over that comment 😀