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Behind the Name

Mariska: “Stars of the Sea”, “bitterness”. The original Miryam of the Hebrew scriptures was sister to Moses and Aaron. Some scholars believe her name, and those of her brothers, could have originated in the ancient Egyptian language, and that their meanings are lost. Others offer alternate interpretations, including ”rebellion” and ”sea of bitterness.” Various forms derived from Miryam — Latin Maria developed into French Marie, then English Mary. Among Christians, they are venerated as the name of the mother of Jesus Christ. St. Jerome associated the Virgin’s name with the Latin phrase stella maris (”star of the sea”), and this can be regarded as yet another meaning that inspired the widespread use of so many forms of this name. Origin: Hungary, Hebrew

Magdolna: “Women from Magdala”. Magdala was a village on the Sea of Galilee, supposedly the home of the character in the Christian scriptures known as Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene. Though the town had an unsavory reputation, there is no scriptural support for Mary’s identification as a courtesan who forsook her sinful ways to follow Jesus of Nazareth. However, this is her place in Christian tradition, and she stands as a symbol of the redeemable sinner, accepted and forgiven regardless of her sordid past. Origin: Hungary

Hargitay: Hungarian surname. Alternate form: Hargitai