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About the Site

History of the Site: The site came about in the summer 2009 when I started thinking I wanted to make a fan site for Mariska. I have been a fan of Mariska’s for awhile and I wanted to dedicate a site to her. So I began browsing the net for reliable web hosting and found After getting hosted I started collecting information to put on the site and building up the image gallery. I officially opened on September 14, 2009 on a subdomain ( and in January 2010 I decided to get a domain name ( In August 2015 the Fan Sites Network was forced to terminate their services so I not only had to find another host but since I didn’t own the domain name I had to get a new domain as well. was born and proudly hosted by Free Fansite Hosting!

Mariska Hargitay Online is adopted since August 2018 and it is a subdomain again.

Hosted by: Free Fan Site Hosting

Opened in: September 2009

Owner: Marijke

Previous Owner: Jess